How to Make Your Own Coffee Blends

Posted on Tuesday 25 June 2013

Serious coffee drinkers may be very interested in learning more about creating their own blends, brews and coffee based drinks. The chance to enjoy your favorite beverage in a whole new way is not one that should be passed up. From finding the right beans and mixing different blends to appliances that can provide you with a wider range of options when brewing your next cup, there may be many ways that you can improve (Continue reading…)

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Small Green Changes Translate in to Better Coffee

Posted on Monday 22 April 2013

Crafting the ideal cup of environmentally friendly coffee is well in reach of all levels of coffee brewers. From novice to aficionado, coffee lovers worldwide will savor the new depths of flavor that present themselves to our demanding palates. A few affordable changes to our craft will benefit both ourselves and the world we all share.

The manner in which we heat our water is a logical change to our brewing process. Companies, like Texas Energy, offer energy plans that support renewable energy generation. With rates that are similar to other energy providers, a conversion to a green source of energy will help alleviate some of the wear and tear utilities have on the environment.

Transitioning from paper filters is an affordable step that all of us can take. A French press is a low cost investment that typically enhances flavor. A metal filter transfuses and imparts more of the oils that lead to a deeper flavor. The boon to the Earth is that the metal filter is reusable and helps save trees.

Re-usability can also be seen in the types of containers we use for our coffee. The Styrofoam cup is an enemy to the environment. Landfills contain these pollutants that will not degrade. Future generations will be left to deal with the accumulation of these vessels. Reusable travel mugs feature a wide range of colors and sizes which meet our drinking needs in vibrant visual splendor. Many coffee shops offer a discount to their customers who bring in their own containers. Money saved and one less addition to the landfill is a win for all of us.

The procurement of free trade coffee is an investment that pays immediate dividends. Our fellow man benefits in a better standard of living. The criteria for the free trade classification typically involves a more environmentally conscious process for growing coffee. All this extra care results in a higher quality product for your consumption.

By these simple steps, we can all play a role in making our world a better place. Every positive action that we can do for the environment is another step in the right direction. That we can partake in a better cup of coffee is a bonus which we can all enjoy now. Spread the word, make the change, and taste the benefits this very day.

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What You Should Know About Free Trade Coffee

Posted on Monday 25 March 2013

You may have heard the term “free trade coffee,” but do you really know what it means? Here’s what you should know about free trade coffee in order to make educated shopping decisions.

Before coffee reaches your cup, it goes through many hands, including those of farmers, manufacturers and business owners. When free trade coffee beans make they voyage from the fields to your pantry, they do so without any tax or monetary gifts from the government interfering. While this may sound good at first, it’s not always as great as it seems.

Some people feel (Continue reading…)

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Secret Guide to Hawaiian Blue Coffee

Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2012

Considering how much attention Hawaiian Blue Coffee is getting, it is fair to say that it is no longer a Hawaii’s secret. Instead, Hawaiian Blue Coffee has aggressively made a name for itself, pushing its way into greater recognition. As a result, it is now a popular drink in Hawaii, and it dominates a lot of conversations.

Without question, all praise and thanks goes to Harry Yee, who created this creative blend of blue coffee after a product sales representative asked him to create a fancy drink that features a (Continue reading…)

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How to Tell Which Type of Grind to Use for Your Coffeemaker

Posted on Monday 4 June 2012

Coffee beans are ground to varying textures ranging from course shards to fine powder. The type of coffeemaker you use as well as the flavor you desire determines the type of grind necessary.

Fine Grind: Coffeemakers which produce the strongest blends, such as espresso makers, require very fine grinds. Turkish coffee uses beans ground to a fine powder that it is mixed directly with hot water and served.

Medium Grind: Automatic drip coffemakers use this popular grind. Ground (Continue reading…)

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Which Coffee Blends Are Best for Espresso?

Posted on Saturday 2 June 2012

Espresso is one of today’s most popular coffee drinks. If you love espresso, but don’t like to pay coffee house prices, then making your own espresso at home is ideal. If you’re new to making espresso, learning about the different coffee blends and roasts can be overwhelming. To find out which types of coffee is best for brewing espresso, check out the blends below for a little caffeinated comfort

For Sweet and Light Espresso

For espresso that tastes on the lighter and sweeter side, choose coffee blends that embody hints of fruit, such as blueberries, blackberries, and (Continue reading…)

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How to Tell the Difference Between Light and Dark Roasts

Posted on Wednesday 30 May 2012

As a coffee lover, it is important to distinguish the difference between light and dark roasts of coffee. They are two different types of coffee. Roasting coffee beans is required to bring out the flavor. A major difference is the beans are roasted for a longer period and at a higher temperature to achieve dark roasts. Therefore, the terms light roast and dark roast refer to the length of time and the temperature that the coffee beans have been roasted.

Light roasts are roasted for a shorter length (Continue reading…)

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What to Look for When Buying Coffee Beans

Posted on Saturday 26 May 2012

Many people enjoy a good cup of coffee each day. Brewing the perfect cup of Joe, hinges upon using the best coffee beans you can afford. There are several important factors to consider before buying beans to grind.

Before purchasing coffee beans, you must determine what you are looking for in a cup of coffee. If you prefer bold coffee with an earthy undertone, coffee beans from Indonesia are your best bet. If you are looking for a (Continue reading…)

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